Sunday, May 22, 2011

The sun is up and so am I!

It was months ago the last time I visited my page. Been busy lately with my job, whom I enjoyed so much despite how hard it was to adjust during the first few months but I managed to get along with my colleagues from different nationalities. Aside from work day to day, I go to school during the night twice a week. Until now, it is so difficult for me to do both things at the same time but I can't give up my studies. I want to finish what I have started and hoping all things go well by this year for my Staatexamen (It is the highest exam to take for a dutch language course where the certificate you get out of this exam is necessary not only to get Dutch passport but also if you plan to enroll courses in a Dutch University).  My friends cannot even figure out and even asking if I still have time for myself. Work, school and even sporting twice a week. Yes, I do still have time for myself. What I am doing is giving time for myself. This is what I like, and this is how I give time for myself. I would rather say that I have more time for myself than spending time for some friends. Having this hectic schedule changed me a lot. I learned to manage my time, efforts able to appreciate all the outcomes, and wishing all plans come in a way I expect them to happen.
Now that I am back, I can't promise to blog as often as I like but I can assure to give help and answers for those who wants to know something about The Netherlands.