Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dinner with Friends

I can't remember the last time I invited friends for dinner until last night when my husband invited one of my friend with her family to have dinner with us and watch football. It came out that I have prepared too much food and decided to invite some other friends. Hmmm.. Did I intend to prepare more or just because I am a Filipino, known of having enough to eat during parties and can even take home some left overs.
I took a different recipes from last night's dinner with mostly fish (shrimp with garlic, tilapia with tausi, baked stuffed calamaris) and of course some meat for the dutches (babi pangang and beef afritada). I managed to prepare all of these plus complements that they like it. It was a lovely evening with them and hubby was the happiest person with his team that won the football match.