Thursday, January 28, 2010

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This photo that I'm sharing now is a dried salty,stinky fish. It's always a Filipinos' favorite. Many kababayan bring a kilo/s of this abroad and have it in a best package so the smell will not be that obvious as someone checks in the airport(I guess, that's one of the reason or else they will not allow it. That is according to what I heard).
I posted this for one reason. I'm craving for this and I can buy it in Chinese shop anytime. But too bad that everytime I eat this, I suffer stomachache. I am not like this before, but I just observed it since last year. This was one of my favorites that I can even trade a steak for this dried,stinky fish.

My Dentist Day

I hate to think that today I'm having an appointment with my dentist again for the second time since last week. I was there morning of my birthday (January 21) and he adviced me for an hour/s of session today. Here in Netherlands, teeth are so important that once a year you need to visit at least 2 times to your dentist. But in the Philippines, we only visit our dentist if we suffer some pain. I had a tooth removed years ago because it was severely damaged and now wearing a false tooth because it's more visible everytime I smile if I don't wear it. But my dentist here in Netherlands informed me that this kind of prosthetic I have is not good for my gums. So I am a little scared because I really don't have any idea what he will do with my teeth today. I know it is something good for me but I'm hoping it's not the implant. I can't imagine the pain.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

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                 It's always fun watching old pictures with friends. It brings back memories, both good and bad. Among my friends, I consider high school friends as one of the best friends I ever had. Six friends calling each other "igat"(or flirt/flirty) and we named our group as JAMPN which stands for the beginning letter of each names. Most of us were classmates since kindergarten and by coincidence, most of us have a brother or sister of same age and also they were of same class.
                Though I haven't seen in years to some of them but good thing, we still value our friendship through calling and sending emails.

During Junior-Senior Prom with our school directress(Yes, wearing our school uniform even if it's a Prom.)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Say Cheese.........

The Netherlands for many is the land of windmills, wooden shoes or clogs, and tulips. It is also the land of lush green meadows and peacefully grazing cattle. The land of milk, butter and cheese which is from the basis of Holland's prosperity. This small, densely populated country is the world's largest exporter of cheese, butter and powdered milk. Milk and dairy products are part of the Dutch national heritage and throughout The Netherlands you will find reminders of this heritage. Back in my country, I only knew of one cheese--eden cheese(that's the name of the product) and perhaps we dont have many kinds of cheese the fact that Filipino are not really into eating cheese. Honestly, I was so ignorant or maybe was not interested of knowing about cheese considering that dairy products are not good for me. They have this soft ripened cheeses, washed rind cheeses, blue cheeses and cheeses with molds on it that gave me a second thought if it's still good to eat or maybe it's an expired cheese. But now, I'm starting to eat any of its kind little by little. Not much or else it will trigger my tummy again.

Is this a sign of changing my career?

Just last week, my boss asked me if I still have free time to take care for her cancer sister from London. I mentioned her in one of my blog. They plan to bring her home(in Netherlands) as soon as her doctors say that she is hopeless. I know it's too sad to hear a news like this. But after my boss asked me, I realised that my job here in Netherlands is bringing me more to a field where it's not really my interest in the first place. I even don't  have the certificate of doing this but through experienced of taking care a sick patient like my boss(a multiple sclerosis for more than 20 years), made me realised that maybe this is really my calling--to take care of a sick person. I'm a major in Business Management with some units in MBA but being here in Netherlands for 3 years now, I never had the chance to work in this field. Maybe not my time yet because of dutch language requirements or maybe a sign to change my career. If that is the case, I have no problems with that. I like doing this and most important, I enjoy it.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Shoot Me! 1 of 52

This is my first challenge and I'm crossing my fingers hoping I can make this every thursday.

This pictures were taken last December 2008 and it was my first experienced of heavy snow. It's quiet obvious with my smile that I'm loving it, but I don't think I still love the snow now after having experienced walking in a slippery road for about 5 kilometers going to work because of few public transportations going until now.