Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Finally Engaged

            Finally engaged...yes finally engaged and im so happy. Oppsss not me but a good friend in college, Richie. We are the only single left among 4 close friends. The other two friends ended now as husband and wife. So I'm quiet stress thinking I'm the only single both from high school and college friends. But ok I can include one of my high school friend who is now a widow.
            Richie was actually an ex-girlfriend of my cousin but im glad they broke up not because I don't like her but she is too good for my cousin(Opps!!). I don't know yet the final date of their wedding but she is expecting me to be there. I can't promise cosidering the fare itself. But I'm so happy most of my friends are now married. So wish them all good luck for the married life and wish me luck also for my future man..hahaha           


MaLou Silverman said...

Love always comes at a right time. It helps too if you pray for the perfect love to come at a perfect time :)

Jonnah said...

thanks te for the nice comment..yes, i really believed the power of far im happy now and contended with life..