Sunday, February 14, 2010

Naar Nederland Book for Inburgering Exam

Coming to Netherlands for a long stay visa(Machtiging Voorlopig Verblijf or MVV) is not that simple because the rules are getting more strict compared years ago. To apply an MVV specially if you are from the Philippines, you need to take the inburgering exam as one of the requirements from your country of  origin. Some friends are asking me what the inburgering exam is all about and asking for tips of what to study. Well, I can only share according to my experienced since I don't have idea if all sets of exams are the same. The most important is that you have the book Naar Nederland as one of your guide to study. As far as I know, you can only buy this book here in Netherlands. I bought mine at Selexyz bookshop in Den Haag Central. But that book will cover only the first part of the exam. By the way, it has two sets. And the second part is the test of dutch language. In this part, you have to reseach about repeating sentences, answering short questions, indicating opposites, repeating sentences, repeating two different short stories. As you have the book Naar Nederland, there are 3 free test included (via telephone) so you can practice up to 3 times. But use this only after you have done some reviews since you can try each test only at once. After taking the actual exam at the Netherlands Embassy, you will know the result right after the exam.
So to some friends who are taking this exam soon, GOODLUCK.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jonnah,

I passed the examination last month and I found it not so difficult. I studied only online with

I had 98 points for the photo questions and 37 points for the Dutch language part.

I was so very happy ;)

Groetjes van Anna

Sihsi said...

Good to hear's been awhile haven't visited my blog..but thanks anyway for dropping by...