Sunday, January 20, 2013

Winter Wonderland

You will hate me as I am one of those who love the beauty of winter. The snow came later this season and I feel so bad that my family were not able to see snow when they had their holiday until late November. It should have been my mom's first experience in snow. Well, I can still let her come next time and hopefully around winter. 

The surrounding is so beautiful, totally covered with snow. Kids and even adults are having fun making snow man, sliding with their sleigh, throwing each other with snow balls, and skating. It is nice to hear and see all those laughters. The only problem here in Netherlands once it is blanketed with snow, chaos on the roads and public transportation are expected. Most buses and trains are not moving and traffics are everywhere. I heard several complains about public transportation and the worst part, less than 50 percent are moving. But the country is not well prepared when it snows. Luckily, my office is about 15 minutes walk from my house. No hassle on waiting the bus. I even took some pictures on my way to work. 

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guia sy said...

I'm not hating. I'm loving the pictures. All-white is just too beautiful. I know, I do not have the least idea how bad it can get, sorry - I live in the tropics. Good shots you got there, girl. :)