Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I love Walking

This morning, I get up too early than my normal waking time because of my neighbor banging doors as they rushed for work. But it doesn't annoy me this time though, I thought of last night to get up late today to spend more on sleeping before I start an early habit of getting up early in few weeks from now. So rather than spending my morning staring at my ceiling for minutes of thinking nothing, I went out and took a long walk with a little running at the park(at Haagse Bos)which is just close to where I live. It is a very nice park with a big lake at the middle.
For me, walking is the simpliest exercise I can do. I don't have time going to a gym, so by walking for just few minutes it helps. Before, almost everyday I tried to take at least 1 hour of walking. If I go to the main shopping center in Den Haag, I prefer to walk than taking a tram. Aside that I save money from that, also it's good for my body as an exercise. I'm not in a hurry to loose weight, but just for the purpose of being physically fit.

    -the green area is the Haagse Bos-

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M S said...

I love walking too! Four to seven km is 'normal' for our hike, grabe.

Take care :)