Thursday, March 15, 2012

Let There Be Sun

It's thursday, free from work and the first time of the year to have a sunny weather with a maximum temperature of 17 degrees. Yohooo, can't wait for summer!!! The sunny day cheered me up despite of the sad news I heard yesterday. My boyfriend also took a day off and came with me to the hospital for some medical test and went to the City Centrum to have lunch. It was wonderful and so refreshing. I cannot imagine how people here in the Netherlands long to have this kind of weather. While walking in the Centrum, I saw a friend of mine so I invited her for a drink. This is now girls time so my boyfriend decided to go home to have some rest after a long day hospital appointment we had. My friend and I did some shopping and end up chatting the rest of the sunny day. Although it was just few hours catching up but perfect to add up the weather.

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Starr said...


good day.
Isa rin po ako sa mga nangangarap pumunta ng Europe. Paano po kayo nakarating sa netherlands? :) Salamat po.