Saturday, March 27, 2010

Back to School

I'm happy to know that finally the government arrange my dutch course which to start on May 3. I had an appointment with them yesterday to test how far I know of the language. I thought at first it's going to be a 1 hour exam but then it was just an overview about what an inburgering course is all about and the staff asked me of what level I want to take either basic or intensive course. But the overall evaluation put me to an intensive course since they consider also that I have a new job on May. Intensive course also have two choices, three times a week on a day class which this is only good for those who have no work and two times a week on a night class for those who work during the day.
There are so many issues regarding inburgering course (which one to take,basic or intensive; or as requirements in getting a dutch passport; etc.) but whatever it is, the bottom line is to know the language. I'm crossing my fingers now hoping the City Hall (Geemente) will put me to a good direction.

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