Saturday, March 20, 2010

Being Part of SocialSpark


This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I've been starting blogging not long ago through a friend but had no idea of some benefits in blogging until I found this site SocialSpark and with no doubts, I registered as a blogger. It is also open for advertisers so both bloggers and advertisers will meet in one site. The nice thing is that, I can add my fellow bloggers. It is very easy to register and so simple that in few minutes after you meet all the conditions, you can then socialize and make friends but at the same time you earn money. Cool!!Isn't it? They have 3 types of Opportunities to choose at SocialSpark Marketplace wherein, a blogger in a Sponsored Post Opportunity will create a unique sponsored post on their blog based on the guidance the Advertiser provides. On the other hand, Blog Sponsorship Opportunity is when the Advertisers utilize SocialSpark's unique technology to create a 'welcome mat' and persistent sponsorship banner on blogs. Lastly is Spark, a free Opportunity that serves as ideas for blog posts. It is ulitize by Bloggers, but can also be used for Advertisers. The site is so friendly to use. No hassle for beginners but instead, they will surely enjoy the site. Since opportunities are paid, payments are made thru Paypal but needs to accumulate $50 to cash out. Since we are free to write or say whatever we want in Socialspark, always remember to be honest and always review blogs before posting.
So what are we waiting for?Blog now and earn money.
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Phebie said...

great and am so happy for you jon!

mka kwarta na jud ka sa ila...pag wait every 12 midnight Phil timee kay mao na nga time manghatag sila ug opportunities...K?