Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Say Cheese.........

The Netherlands for many is the land of windmills, wooden shoes or clogs, and tulips. It is also the land of lush green meadows and peacefully grazing cattle. The land of milk, butter and cheese which is from the basis of Holland's prosperity. This small, densely populated country is the world's largest exporter of cheese, butter and powdered milk. Milk and dairy products are part of the Dutch national heritage and throughout The Netherlands you will find reminders of this heritage. Back in my country, I only knew of one cheese--eden cheese(that's the name of the product) and perhaps we dont have many kinds of cheese the fact that Filipino are not really into eating cheese. Honestly, I was so ignorant or maybe was not interested of knowing about cheese considering that dairy products are not good for me. They have this soft ripened cheeses, washed rind cheeses, blue cheeses and cheeses with molds on it that gave me a second thought if it's still good to eat or maybe it's an expired cheese. But now, I'm starting to eat any of its kind little by little. Not much or else it will trigger my tummy again.

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