Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shoot Me! 3 of 52

This photo that I'm sharing now is a dried salty,stinky fish. It's always a Filipinos' favorite. Many kababayan bring a kilo/s of this abroad and have it in a best package so the smell will not be that obvious as someone checks in the airport(I guess, that's one of the reason or else they will not allow it. That is according to what I heard).
I posted this for one reason. I'm craving for this and I can buy it in Chinese shop anytime. But too bad that everytime I eat this, I suffer stomachache. I am not like this before, but I just observed it since last year. This was one of my favorites that I can even trade a steak for this dried,stinky fish.


Phebie said...

hmmmm...kalami gud ana jon...aguy pastilan akong uric ani motaas ug samot! whaaaaaaaaaa

Jonnah said...

lami mo ngbinag-o mni ako tiyan pheb oi.mgsakit kn mukaon bulad and any parat.ghpon gtagaan ko ginamos sko frnd.bhala na,dawat ghapon ky lami mn,hehehehe