Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Dentist Day

I hate to think that today I'm having an appointment with my dentist again for the second time since last week. I was there morning of my birthday (January 21) and he adviced me for an hour/s of session today. Here in Netherlands, teeth are so important that once a year you need to visit at least 2 times to your dentist. But in the Philippines, we only visit our dentist if we suffer some pain. I had a tooth removed years ago because it was severely damaged and now wearing a false tooth because it's more visible everytime I smile if I don't wear it. But my dentist here in Netherlands informed me that this kind of prosthetic I have is not good for my gums. So I am a little scared because I really don't have any idea what he will do with my teeth today. I know it is something good for me but I'm hoping it's not the implant. I can't imagine the pain.


Phebie said...

hahahha kaya mo yan jon! isog bya ka! :)

Jonnah said...

wla nko kasabot pheb ky ipabalik npod ko next week..hohoh...:(