Saturday, October 24, 2009

Madurodam, a miniature Holland

Today is supposed to be a treat for friend to visit madurodam but since she have a very important event also to attend, we decided to have it some other time. But anyway, Madurodam is a miniature Holland located in Scheveningen Den Haag about 24 minutes from my place(so not really that far). It is a model of a Dutch town composed of typical Dutch buildings and landmarks, as are found at various locations in the country. It's a one stop attraction. With all this little things, it always makes me feel like im a giant when im in madurodam since im a small person. It is nice to visit there if it's summer but they are actually open year round. Here is the schedule for 2009 - 2010 or refer to for thier schedules of activities.

Opening times 2009 - 2010                   Open from             until           Ticket counter closes at

Until 31 March 2010                                 9:00                  18:00                   17:00

1 April 2010 - 2 July 2010                         9:00                  20:00                   19:00

3 July 2010 - 31 August 2010                    9:00                  23:00                   22:00
1 September 2010 - 31 December 2010    9:00                   18:00                   17:00

 Im sharing some photos here from Madurodam.

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