Thursday, October 8, 2009

Plans for today...

I wake up this morning as the sun shines right through my window and tried to recall the date today. Each day I only think of the day to remind me of my job assignment and never of the date. Well anyway, It's thursday and it's my free day and the weather is nice too. I have few plans for today. Im planning to go to the centrum to look for a nice gift to a dutch friend(well she's actually an old woman about the age of +/- 70) whom she invites me for a dinner this coming sunday. Im looking forward to meet her again after a year of not seeing her.
Other plans for today is to go shopping(not the "shopping" that we think buying clothes,etc.)but i mean going to the grocery to buy some food. Then perhaps i can clean my room late today. Anyway, i hope i will enjoy the sunny day with all my plans.

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