Monday, October 19, 2009

Tourist visa requirements for Netherlands

On this blog, I will post the requirements in applying a tourist visa(good for 3 months) for Netherlands. This is according to my experienced last year(2008). If you want to know the exact requirements, you can visit or . This process is also based as someone invites you from the Netherlands specially a dutch citizen.

The following are the requirements:
*Valid Philippine Passport
*Passport Photo(1 pc.)
*Schengen Visa Application Form(you can get this form from the website
*Insurance good for 90 days
*Authenticated birth certificate and CENOMAR(if single) issued from National Staistics Office
*Photocopy of passport from the sponsor
*Invitation letter from the sponsor(GBA)
*Latest 3 months pay slip  and employment contract/certificate from the sponsor
*Temporary flight schedule
*Payment(you can call the emabassy to know the exact amount)

Note: The embassy will ask additional requirements. It depends upon the application(like relationship of the applicant and the sponsor)

Again, this is according to my experienced.


Anonymous said...

they have an examination happened?

Sihsi said...

As far as I know, you don't need to take an exam for a short stay visa(maximum 90 days).

Anonymous said...

is it possible to visit there without someone who invited you?

Anonymous said...

can i ask if theirs a show money?

Anonymous said...

Thank You very much..This is very informative

Anonymous said...

What about if separated 5 years is a possible to get tourist visa?

Sihsi said...

-Yes, it is possible to visit Netherlands without someone inviting you so long you can prove from the Netherlands embassy that you can support all your stay here in the Netherlands.
- There is no show money or certain amount that you deposit on an account. But as per experience, the embassy ask me if I have a bank statement. (I'm not sure if this is in relation to show money, but I don't think so.)
-If you are separated for 5 years ago, still you can visit the Netherlands. It all depends on the purpose of visiting here. Fiance visit, then you should be single or not married. Another case, If the one who invites you is a family member (which you need to prove this), then its a family visit. If its a friend who is inviting you, still you can come.
Anyway, the embassy will ask your purpose and requirements varies on the purpose of visiting here...

Good Luck to all. I hope I have given the right information.

Ratzy Ruzz said...

Thanks for the info... ^_^

Jude Maullil said...

How much the show money to go to Netherlands from Philippines?