Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Being Influencial

Influencing other people can be both in good or in bad ways which you can evaluate the impact to the person you influenced through the after result. It somehow works the same in advertising, if you are good on it then you are halfway in hitting your goal. Just this week, I was able to influenced 2 friends not to a negative way but i hope in a good way. I'm refering to blogging. It truly gives me a good feeling knowing that a good friend named Geert or Kurt as I call him sometimes is finally accepting this idea to get involved also in blogging. I've been telling him since the time I started to blog showing him the benefits of it(as well said also from my friend Phebie)but he keeps on saying "next time". Maybe he was too pre-occupied that time...ahhhmmm???im not so sure of that. As far as knowing Geert, his interest in writing, his imaginations, and his time then i'm sure i hitted the right person being influenced. I wish him goodluck and hoping he can influence more to visit his site.

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sturmpie said...

Hi Jonnah,

I experienced you to be very good in positive influencing me and for You I am very thankfull
Thank you Thank you Thank you