Saturday, November 21, 2009

Technology is very important to me

I am just a simple person being contended of having one mobile phone even with just the simpliest model as long as it works good for calls and sms purposes. But now, I feel the need that one is not enough since i have a roaming number(which means i'm activitating my number from the Philippines) so my family and friends can send always sms for a cheaper cost than to send straight to my Netherland number. Aside from mobile phone, computer is very important. I mean, I have a computer already but i'm searching now for a good one with reasonable price and friendly user for a mom who have no knowledge in computer like my mom. I guess people who are far from their family will surely agree on me the importance of technology. It helps us fight against loneliness being far from them and at the same time being updated of news back in my country. So this is not becoming in of the society but responding the need of technology on my part.

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