Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Im drunk!

Wednesday is a whole day worked for me as my extra earning and after a busy day, I planned to sleep earlier for another day extra work tomorrow but then I remembered I still have a bottle of wine given from a neighbor months ago. Instead of grabbing a pistache ice cream as my favorite, i took a full glass of wine that made me drunk with just that 1 glass of wine. Oh my,oh my...I'm drunk with that single glass??I remember I can even survived with few bottles of beer. Well, that was college days and now I realised my alcohol level goes back to its normal level. But anyway, its a good feeling now to relax and sleep. Im sure it's a noisy night for me(because I snore as Im tired..hehehe)


Terry Martin said...

Lol, cheers Jonnah! :)

Anonymous said...

hehhehe... te ji.. mag baileys pa bya ta karon