Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cagayan de Oro, the City of Golden Friendship

By the name itself "Oro" meaning gold, sounds intriguing for some who are new in this City. Im not so familiar of the history of Cagayan de Oro or CDO, but spending almost 10 years of my life in CDO is one of the best times of my life having all the bad and good times in my teenager life. I went to college in one of the best univerisity and worked from one company to another, also in this place. I like so much of the place(aside from my hometown Oroquieta City) because of the environment that is peaceful and almost all that you want is in this city like malls, universities,big hospitals, airport(only domestic but soon to open international airport), some pubs, and now declared as one of the tourist spots in the Philippines. Though my last year in CDO wasn't that good, but still I love to go back and settle in this city. Everytime I go home in the Philippines, I always make sure to visit CDO before going back to Netherlands. That shows how much I love CDO.


Anonymous said...

Hello Guys,

This is a interesting topic and I actually ran across a blog , link below, where they are exposing a CDO based foreign bugaw, named Michael Mountstephen, who claims to have political protection in CDO to carry out his vile acts of exploitation. The interesting thing is the blog uses Michael Mountstephens own words to paint a picture of the situation. I highly advise all to view it as its quite enlightening as it even includes a CDO based charity ran by one lady named Daisy Cline.

Jonnah said...

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