Monday, November 9, 2009

How important is Dutch language to me?

It's more than 2 years now since I first came here in The Netherlands but until now, my dutch has never been improving though I can't deny there was a time that I lost my interest in learning this language. Perhaps because I never followed a course. But since I decided to migrate here, I feel pressured now that I must learn the language. It is very important not only as I go shopping or as I ask direction specially to old people (whom most of them never speak english)for certain directions but also for me to get a real job. As of now, I only have temporary job since most companies prefer someone who can speak fluently in dutch. So I have to motivate myself to learn fast so I can get very soon the job that I want. Wish me luck in my study...and of course in getting a job.

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Anonymous said...

exactly ate... so you really have to learn dutch me.... hehehehhe, murag naa sad ko