Sunday, November 22, 2009

A successful FOOD FAIR 2009

Each year, the Church of Our Saviour in Den Haag have this special event wherein parish members and visitors will come together to have fun for a  good cause - the FOOD FAIR. By the title itself, lots of food in every corner from different country. This year,we had it yesterday at Francois Vatel School in Mariahoeve(also in Den Haag). I was quiet late for some important reasons but being there despite my lateness was really awesome seeing people sharing their talent during the program and spending their time helping to sell diffferent goods,pastries,clothes,jewelries, and even books which all proceeds will go to a special cause helping people from third world countries . And I was delighted to see and even was really touched the fact that Philippines is also one of the countries to receive this benefit. That's one of the reason I was there, in a way I can help through supporting this event. It ended with a raffle draw with major prices like a trip to Scotland and Portugal. Will congrats to those who won. I hope im the luckiest person next year. hehehe..
By the way, the church announced this morning knowing last night was really a successful event and was able to raised--to be exact 47,000.65 euros. Again, congratulation's specially to all who volunteered for this event.

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